Tidal Lagoons

The Trust is always looking at ways that could lead to the rebuilding of the Pier to its former length. Any scheme has to be viable and financially self supporting.

This is one such scheme that is worth investigating. The EU target for 2020  is that 33% of our energy is to be from renewable sources.

Could Herne Bay become a green town – harnessing sea, wind and sun?

Government target is to build 5 – 7 tidal lagoons in UK. A company called Tidal Lagoons Power is already investigating the practicalities of building such generation projects at these six locations.

Swansea Bay
West Cumbria
Colwyn Bay
Bridgewater Bay

Could Herne Bay be the seventh?

The seabed to the north of Herne Bay is flat and level, consistent in depth for many kilometres into the sea. It is suited to a tidal lagoon as the impounded area could be made very large without having to venture into deeper water. An area with a radius of approximately 1 km is used to provide an example. Click here to view.

Navigational charts show for a distance of 2km north of Herne Bay, the depth at Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT) is a maximum of 1 .5m, with an average of closer to 1m depth. The area immediately to the north of the High Water mark dries out at to a maximum of about 1.5m height above LAT.

The planning of the first scheme at Swansea Bay is well underway – watch the BBC News video below to understand the principle.

Details of the other schemes can be found on the Tidal Lagoon Power web site.