About The Pier

Herne Bay Pier is now open from  9am until dusk every day and is free to walk on. There maybe a few times in the year when the weather is particularly bad that the Pier has to be closed for safety reasons. There may also be a small number of events which have an entrance fee but these will be advertised in advanced on this web site.

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Tidal Lagoons
Ghost Of The Pier

The Pier Today

In 1976 Herne Bay Pier was effectively lost as a seaside Pier after the opening of the Pier Pavilion Sports Hall.

In September 2011 the Pavilion was closed and demolished. The facilities, however, were not lost the gym being located to an expanded Herons Complex in the town centre and the roller skating rink located to a new arena at Herne Bay High School.

Canterbury City Council still own and maintain the Pier but has leased  a large part of it  to the Herne Bay Pier Trust who have erected 31 beach hut styled retail units which are rented out to a number of different businesses. The Pier Village as it is known includes the sale of food and drink, and outlets selling all different types of goods and services.

Pier Amusements has been formed by an established fairground company who have provided the now iconic helter skelter and a number of other rides as well as the Games Hut and Shooting Gallery. The retail huts and pier amusements are open at weekends and during school holidays but are weather dependant. They are mostly shut between the Christmas Holidays and Easter but more details can be found on the Pier Village Facebook page.

The Trust obtained a trailer of which one side can be opened out to make a small stage and this can now be extended by a sectionalised stage which can be assembled in a number of different configurations.

In 2015 a canopy was erected over part of the platform adjacent to the food court giving patrons shade in Summer and cover in wet weather. The funds for this were won by the Trust in ITV’s 2014 People’s Millions competition.

If you would like to know more about the piers history follow the link below

The Trust is committed to continually improve the existing Pier for the benefit of Herne Bay and its very important visitors.